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Welcome to Force 18, your source for funny and rude T-shirts

From a print and design shop far far away (well Stevenage in Hertfordshire to be precise) is a machine which churns out amusing apparel of the wry, profane and esoteric kind. They are not the normal sort of clothes you would expect to see at your local shopping precinct or on the High Street. For a start, they use one of the most effective forms of clothing media known to man, in the form of a common or garden t-shirt. A simple printed slogan tshirt that can a draw a response, from a giggle to uncontrollable laughter, without the wearer having to say a single word. The difference is ours are funny t shirts, designed to raise a smile. Some of them are rude t-shirts, best unworn at your grandparents home. Some of them are offensive t-shirts, designed to be worn anywhere apart from church services or formal gatherings. Others are created especially for Computer Geeks and Nerds, Dads, Mums and Mums-to-be (or those suffering through pregnancy).

As a result, we now welcome you to the Force 18 T-shirt store. We are a UK based online store offering you an incredibly wide variety of funny t-shirts that make great gifts for family and friends, plus some rude t-shirts and offensive t-shirt slogans. A selection of our humourous t-shirts is shown below and we are constantly adding new designs. Please browse through our array of funny t-shirts using the links around this page.

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